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Sex Hell by Joe Canzano

Posted by [email protected] on June 30, 2016 at 9:35 AM Comments comments (0)

When Debbie de La Fontaine tries to spice up her love life by supernaturally tampering with her sex life, she is cursed to spend every future encounter in a magical place called “Sex Hell,” where the sex is ludicrous and amazing but the romance is scarce.


Her only chance for escape is through the stingy clues supplied by an obnoxious demon, and the only way to obtain the clues is by returning to Sex Hell again and again to have outrageous sexcapades with the man she most wants to avoid—or does she?


Sex Hell is an absurd comic fantasy about the confusion of relationships. How is love related to sex, and how is sex related to love—and do love and sex need to be related at all?


If you’re a fan of authors like Christopher Moore, Douglas Adams, Tom Robbins, Robert Rankin, or Terry Pratchett, give Sex Hell a try!


*This book contains profanity and adult situations*

Shannon's 4 Star Review:

You've read the synopsis and you know who the author is, so I'll tell that this book starts out really funny, then becomes entertaining rather than funny. I liked the concept but it was a bit hard to keep track of the characters in the beginning as out was jumping POVs and dry. After about a dozen chapters, it gets a lot better and overall I enjoyed it. If you want an eccentric take off love and sex, then definitely read this book.